Punishment periods of Jerusalem


Eschatology that makes SENSE

The prophecies of Ezekiel 4 portend to some of the most important ever written.  They could not be understood fully until our modern times, but now are uncovered.  And in this report, we show the durations of the Punishment Periods of Jerusalem, explain why it is critical to the final hours we live in, and illustrate the holiness of God as well as showing how destructive sin is. 

This is an essential report and we make it understandable to the average person and you will benefit by coming closer to the Lord and understanding the redemptive work of the Lord.

Introducing... The Punishment Periods of Jerusalem

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At times, people become frustrated with too many interpretations of scripture - even to the point of ignoring them.  Yet ignoring prophecy is not the proper approach either.  Quantitative prophecy is in the Bible to provide evidence that your understanding is correct;  it is important, and ignoring this prophecy can be fatal.  This report will provide you an understanding of the captivity periods of the two tribes and the 10 tribes.  And it essential that you understand this because, the Bible states the 10 tribes are returning to Israel.  Our third and fourth reports also touch these subjects, and you will need them also to fully appreciate just what God has been doing and how He has protected His people from the hands of the evil one.


We feel that people should insist that interpretations provide evidence that forces a conclusion and additionally, identifies any assumptions or conditions for an interpretation to be valid.  But look around.  NOBODY does that.  Nobody provides evidence worthy of a conclusion -  because they don't have any.  Well, not anymore!  This report is brimming with evidence, some of which has never been published as far as we know. We walk you through it and demonstrate what has happened and why.  In this report, we do not deal with possible interpretations about unfulfilled end time events but rather discuss what has already happened and the implications of it. This report will build the foundation you need to review the unfulfilled prophecies.

    You won't wonder why this is so important once you realize there are 10 tribes out there that are prophesied to return to Israeli ...soon, very, very soon.   Israel is not currently able to contain the vast numbers of people involved, which indicates their borders must expand greatly, and so they shall.  You may have a move to Israel in your future.  No, you say? Do not be so sure.  This report does not speculate on that but rather provides the biblical basis for understanding that the punishment periods are over.  However, now that they are over, one ramification is... the 10 tribes can return.  The question is, will that return be before Gog/Magog or the result of it? Our reports do not speculate on unfulfilled prophecy much but rather provide the biblical basis for understanding what has already happened - giving you the biblical basis to pursue end time thinking on your own.  The boundaries of Israel, the 10 tribes and the Gog/Maog events are examples of important events that  you will be better prepared to address after reading this report and learning to trust God.

As we approach the end of the age, we must understand that there is something the brings about the end of the age; why it is that our time is the end time.  We provide the basis of past historical fulfillments so you can understand our time in history, and you provide the willingness to serve.

 Our reports will show you:

The prophetic keys in the Bible that will unlock the mysteries hidden in the prophecies.

The whole story behind the Ezekiel 4 with its mysterious numbers, and what they mean.

God has revealed himself in the Bible, a book the evil one does not want you to understand.  This report will give you a scriptural foundation for what God has done, and how He has cared for His people.  The report itself is scriptural and not particularly controversial but rather beneficial for facilitating your own relationship with your creator.  If you do not have any major sin in your life, you will be able to understand this material.

What will be will be, but what will it be?  Find out NOW what it has been! Our best knowledge of the future will come from understanding the past.  This report provides the necessary information to help you to discern events and stay out of deception.


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This is the second of four reports designed to illustrate there is a God and that you would do well to learn to trust Him.  The first two reports are from the Old Testament and greatly appreciated by both the Christians and the Jews.  The third report and also the fourth, when it becomes available, are Christian, but still can read by the Jewish community since they deal with prophecies linked to the Old Testament and contain amplifying information on Terrorism.

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The Punishment Periods of Jerusalem

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