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The 'time, times, and half a time' prophecies occur twice in the book of Daniel and once in the Book of Revelation, and are considered among the most difficult of prophecies.  Whereas other prophecies deal with a calendar unit of time passage, such as a month, day, or year, this description of 'time, times, and half a time' does not use a known calendar time frame.  It represents the passage of a certain amount of time, but how  long it is cannot be determined from calendar rules as is done in other prophecies.  In our  time, however, we have an advantage over those from ages past  -  we have the advantage of history on our side and can use prophetic fulfillments to explain where we are in history and discern the meaning of the 'time, times, and half a time' with its astonishing conclusions. 

Unfortunately, many people have become so locked into non-scriptural end time quackery that they do not study what has been fulfilled already, and therefore do not know where they are in history now. Without knowing where they are in history, they cannot determine what is left to be fulfilled and just lump everything together into a final end time sequence of events that will occur over a span of a few years.  This is not only incorrect, but dishonors God and mocks His name.   This should never happen;  the Bible was written so people would read it, learn FIRST what the Bible says about fulfilled prophecies BEFORE trying to understand unfulfilled, end time prophecies.  We have written four reports that do exactly that - they explain relevant prophecies that have been fulfilled and bring the reader to the point of the unfulfilled prophecies, from which the reader can assess the comprehension they must have to understand their imminent future. As such, the first three reports should be read first to set the foundation for this one.

Our evaluation is that the world has little time left before the judgment of God and depending where you stand, you may have only a little time left as well.  These four reports are somewhat academic but they are understandable by lay people.  If you have wondered whether God exists, or why He has done as He has done, or what is going to occur in the imminent future, these reports will benefit you - unless you are so locked into sin that you can never understand, as described in Daniel 12:10, in which case you would need to come to repentance.

This is an essential report and we make it understandable to the average person and you will benefit by coming closer to the Lord and understanding His plan of redemption.

Introducing... Time, Times, and Half a Time
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At times, people become frustrated with too many interpretations of scripture - even to the point of ignoring them.  Yet ignoring prophecy is not the proper approach either.  Quantitative prophecy is in the Bible to provide evidence that your understanding is correct;  it is important, and ignoring this prophecy, as with all of our carefully chosen prophecies, can be fatal for eternity - they were given by God for a reason and to separate yourself from God by ignoring them is not wise.   This report will provide you an understanding of what has taken place and what must soon follow.  The Internet is full of heresies and crackpots but you won't find that here.  These reports are somewhat academic (but understandable to the average person), well researched and very scriptural, all of which makes them dangerous to an angry enemy who knows his time is short.  Which means your time is short also for what happens, happens.  Some of you are in the valley of decision and without knowing what has been or what will be, your procrastination effects your decision.

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You won't wonder why this is so important once you realize the depths of prophetic deception that is occurring, and these four reports will give your the understanding necessary but only you can do something to take control of your destiny. There are people claiming to be God's elect who systematically have been killing the people of God, and who believe they have the right to kill you also for your faith, and some of them are operating from within a deceived church.

As we approach the end of the age, we must understand that there is something the brings about the end of the age; and why it is that our time is the end time. 

 This report will show you:

The meaning of 'time, times, and half a time'. 

God has revealed himself in the Bible, a book the evil one does not want you to understand.  This report will give you a scriptural foundation for what God has done, and how He has cared for His people.  The report itself is scriptural and not particularly controversial but is beneficial for facilitating your own relationship with your Creator.  If you do not have any major sin in your life, you will be able to understand this material.

Since God does not change His standards, the best understanding of the future will be from understanding how He has moved in the past.  This report provides the necessary information to help you to discern events and stay out of deception.

  We believe the 2007 time frame, developed by scripture in the first report,  is critical to the future since we expect a blessing to occur then.  In scripture, one blessing that is widely anticipated comes only after great war, and looking at the world, such a thing is certainly a possibility.  Since there are not many blessings left unfulfilled in the scripture, we must consider the possibility that the day of the Lord will be here soon, and could easily be in the 2006-2008 timeframe.  We do not go into details in the report, but it is widely anticipated by religious Jews that Gog and Magog may occur in 2006 when Iran attacks Israel as the US troops pull out of Iraq.  According to this thinking, Iran desires to show that Allah is greater than the God of the Jews and Christians, and that Shiite Islam is greater than Sunni Islam.  In the attack, nuclear weapons are launched against Jerusalem and destroyed over Damascus, by Israel, fulfilling Isaiah 17.  While this is a popular view developing in Israel, we don't see it this way at all.  We followed the scripture and came to a different set of events that can bring about the end,  but it is interesting to note that they are seeing the same time frame, and for the first time in history, the forces of Islam are being recognized as the enemy that brings about the end.  We described that in the first report, and now in this last report, we, like the Jews, have come to the conclusion that Gog and Magog is literal and will be on us soon.  We differ on how the events occur, but what happens - the day of the Lord - and the time that it happens - soon - is much the same.  This is the first time in history that these things could be fulfilled.  You won't find the truth in the secular media, and you won't find the leaders of nations protecting you.  There is not much time for you to come to the God of the Bible, and His Christ, Yeshua (Jesus).  If you are in the valley of decision, read these reports now while they are still available - and be fore warned.




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This is the fourth of four reports designed to illustrate there is a God and that you must learn to trust Him.  The first two reports are from the Old Testament and greatly appreciated by both the Christians and the Jews.  The third report and also the fourth, are Christian, but still can read by the Jewish community since they deal with prophecies linked to the Old Testament and contain amplifying information on the Gog and Magog War and the 2007 timeframe.

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Time, Times, and Half a Time

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