Why 2007-2008?


Why 2007-2010?  Why not some other years?  In our research we calculated 2007 from the 1335 day blessing mentioned in Daniel chapter 12, and so we wrote that it was possible that sometime after 2007 would be a pivotal year.  But we didn't really have any reason for saying after 2007 other than it popped out of the calculation, assuming the point to start counting was in 691 AD which we feel is close but may not be exact.  We had shown the importance of 1967 in the Punishment Periods of Jerusalem but why 2007-2010 was still not fully understood.  The following is the rationale that made sense to us.  It is worth the time it takes to read it.

Moses led the people out of the Egypt into the promised land, and along the way the people experienced amazing things.  There were the 10 plagues, culminating in the Passover, followed by the parting of the Red Sea.  And on the boundary of the Promised land, scouts reported back that there were giants in the land and the Hebrews melted with fear, except for Joshua and Caleb. These Hebrews believed in God firmly, had seen Him lead them out of slavery and watched the Red Sea part.  Oh yes, they knew their was a God,  but on the edge of the Promised land, they did not trust God enough to believe He would deliver the land into their hands, even after all they had experienced.

God declared that, because of their unbelief, they would wander in the wilderness for 40 more years until everybody over 20 had died except for Joshua and Caleb.  After 40 years, Joshua led the people into the land and they took it with with help from God.  Israel possessed the land for hundreds of years but the 10 northern tribes fell into idolatry and broke away from the two tribes in the south, Judah and Benjamin, in a separation that God said came from Him.  These 10 tribes are never heard from again although mentioned often in the Bible which declares they will one day return to the physical land of Israel.  After some generations, the Jews in the south fell into idolatry and were placed in the Babylonian captivity.  The possession of the land was lost and except for a short time of rebellion, the Jews did not have possession of the land again until 1948 when the UN chartered a small sliver of their former country to be designated 'Israel' once again. War followed the very next day after the state of Israel was proclaimed.  After that, in 1949, the government was established and in 1950, the Law of return was passed whereby any Jew in the world could come to Israel and live.  In 1951, the Law of Citizenship was enacted, granting citizenship to any Jew that had returned and any Jew that returns to Israel in the future.  By this time, most of the 690,000 Jewish WWII refugees in Europe had already found a place to live with many migrating to Russia or the United States.  Most of the Jews that came into Israel between 1948 and 1951 were from Iraq and most of them during the latter two of those years.

Even with Israel in existence, they still did not posses the Temple Mount area where the Temple of God had stood; that remained in the Arab portion as it had been in the Islamic possession since 638 AD.  This 36 acres is called God's holy hill in the Bible and it was here that Abraham had to come to offer Isaac as sacrifice; and it was here that King David was told to buy the threshing floor and pay full retail price for it and get a bill of sale, so it was known to belong to Israel and recognized as such outside of Judaism.  It was here that the Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed the Temple of God and later subsequently that the Jews built a new one.  It was here that Antiochus IV desecrated the Temple in what some Jews and Christians once thought might be the Abomination of Desolation, and it was here that Herod refurbished and expanded the Temple.  In the first century, it was here that Jesus taught and it here that the armies of Titus, the Roman emperor destroyed the Temple which has never been rebuilt.  It was here that the Arabs built the Dome of the Rock, noted for being the Abomination of Desolation among some and a quaint dear old historical building for others. It is this site that is the geographical focus of the Jewish faith.  It is, in very real terms, the geopolitical center of the earth. According to the Bible, it is from here that Messiah will rule after Israel's borders expand and the Temple Mount platform is made larger, with the Temple of Ezekiel ultimately on the location. It's importance to God makes it a target of Satan's envy.

In 1967 the countries surrounding Israel attacked and this included the mighty Egyptian military forces using Russian weapons and Russian aircraft.  Outnumbered, and out gunned, it seemed the Jews had no chance of surviving unless other countries would join them.  Yet by the third day, the war was moving in Israel's favor and they captured the Temple Mount along with East Jerusalem where the old city was, and incredibly enough, by the sixth day, the war was over with Israel the victor. But....now in possession of the Temple Mount and the chief rabbi calling for the military to blow up the Dome of the Rock, with the very abomination that has kept the Temple Mount desolate for centuries, a surprise took place.  A Jewish commander in charge of the Israeli forces refused to blow up the Dome of the Rock and Israel, less than two weeks later, passed the "Holy Places" law on June 19th.  By the terms of this law, no "Holy Place" could be desecrated on penalty of imprisonment. Israel today has agreed to allow Jordan to protect the "Holy Places" on the Temple Mount.  While Israel views this as preventing a war that would follow if they removed the Dome of the rock, Jordan views this as owning not just the "Holy Places," but the entire Temple Mount Platform which they now say is a mosque, and would remain so even if there were no buildings on it.  (A somewhat political position since Mosques are protected by the "Holy Places" law.)

Thus, the situation that Moses encountered when the people would not trust God for peace and Safety in taking the Holy Land has occurred in modern times as Jews would not move in and take the Temple Mount, not trusting God to protect them if they reclaim what belongs to them and for which a legal bill of sale was given.  We believe that a similar circumstance of lack of trust  in our time is likely to evoke a similar judgment from an unchanging God as it did in Biblical times, and therefore believe that Israel has gone through a 40 year 'wilderness experience' due to their lack of trust.  There are blessings God wants to give to the Jews but cannot without giving tacit approval to their lack of trust.  We think that sometime after the 40 years wilderness experience that started with their lack of trust in 1967, the possibility of removing the Dome of the Rock and other Islamic artifacts will present itself and this time, the Jews will move in and possess the Temple Mount.  Since we calculate that there is a blessing to the Jews in 2007-2008, which is in the 40th year after they would not possess the Temple Mount in 1967, we think the 1335 day blessing of Dan 12 might occur during the 40th year, or in the years soon after.


Because the analogous 40 years 'wilderness experience' will be completed in that time frame.

The date June 19 represents when Israel officially refused to take the holy hill so we expect that sometime after the 40th year, i.e., mid 2007 or soon after, events will occur that lead to the opportunity of acquisition of the Temple Mount. Our calculated time of after Aug. 2007 for the blessing of Dan 12 fits well within this time frame and is based on using 622 date for the Haj. Since mid July is the beginning of the Islamic calendar, this Aug 20 time could be off (too soon) by six months or so, and there is another two months between the beginning of the Islamic calendar and the start of the Haj which adds another two months to the time frame.  As we say in the book, the August 2007 date is the 'first available time' we would look for a fulfillment and due to calendar considerations, it could be 2-3 years after, which is why we say we in the book we hope the fulfillment sometime soon after 2007/8 but realize it could be 2-3 years of more after due to imprecision in trying to reconcile dates amongst various calendars. 

We do not know how the temple mount issue will be presented to the Jews during this time frame, whether through war, law changes, Muslims destroying the "holy Places", eg, the Dome of the Rock in order to get the destruction blamed on the Jews as Yassar Arafat once threatened, or an earthquake or some other natural means that destroys the Dome of the Rock.  However it is done, we think that something will happen that causes the Jews to re-possess the  Temple Mount.  This will increase tensions in the region and, depending on how massive the natural disasters are as God pleads with people to come to him, this increased tension could result in people amassing around the borders of Israel, perhaps in conjunction with refugees coming to the region as well.  It is even possible that the 10 tribes of Israel could be returning in the same time frame or just after. God is pleading for the people to repent and come to Him and if they do then He will heal the land and there will be revival, but if not, then we will continue down the path of destruction according to a time table God has devised.  How long after there is no repentance will it take for the final events to transpire is unknown to us, but is probably as long as it takes for the evil inspired world to initiate it and eventually, those gathering around Israel will attack and the Battle of Gog and Magog will commence.  In our fourth report we demonstrate how narrow the gap is between fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecy showing just how easily and quickly these prophecies could come to pass.  We think the Day of the Lord is near and this Day of Vengeance is a year of recompense for the controversy of Zion, according to ISA 34.

Isa 34:8  For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion.  KJV

For now, we watch and we wait prayerfully as our Creator magnifies His name.  But know this, the acquisition of Temple Mount does not mean a replacement Jewish Temple will be built even though religious Jews would love to do so.  The Temple was destroyed in 70 CE as was predicted by Jesus, and there is no prophecy concerning rebuilding it.  The temple that Bible prophecy says will be built is the temple described by Ezekiel, and is a messianic temple.





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