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The Two Witnesses

The prophecies of Revelation 11 are the key to understanding much of the Book of Revelation.  We can understand exactly who the two witnesses are and prove it.  Moreover, it is possible to have an understanding of  the remaining verses concerning the two witnesses also.  Those who know their bible already know these two witnesses of God who provide light for a dark world.  We identify who they are, prove their identity and show why how they are related to the two witnesses of  Zech 4.  Fortunately, the identification is straight forward and quite easy.

Having identified the two witnesses, we explain the remainder of chapter 11 within the context of who the two witnesses are.  The mysterious numbers, of 1260 days, 42 months, and 3 1/2 days are explained and the prophetic events they are relating to are also fully explained. 

Armed with this information, you should have little problem relating to daily news from the Middle East and understand why the things happening there are happening.  There is a war going on between God and the evil one, Satan.  Sadly, most people do not understand or believe there is an enemy at all, thereby giving him free reign over their lives, even allowing their judgment to become clouded on spiritual matters.   We believe you should start - or continue - the journey into your future by taking control of your destiny.  Do not misunderstand - the things prophesied will occur, and there is nothing you can do to change that.  However, you can affect your everlasting destiny by learning the Bible and teaching it to others.  And our reports can help facilitate the learning process so you will be able to start your journey of understanding biblical history and why things happened the way they did.  Combined with the first two reports, you should have a fairly good understanding of the Assyrian captivity, the Babylonian captivity and why there is constant fighting between the Sons of Ishmael and the Sons of Promise.   Procure these reports and become connected to your past and receive the understanding you are supposed to have on which you can learn the necessity of trusting in God.

This is an essential report and we make it understandable to the average person and you will benefit by coming closer to the Lord and understanding the redemptive work of the Lord.

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You won't wonder why this is so important once you realize the depths of prophetic deception that is occurring, which you will certainly understand when you know the identity of the two witnesses.  There are people claiming to be God's elect who systematically have been killing the people of God, and who believe they have the right to kill you also and some of them are operating from within churches.  If you know the two witnesses and have some Bible knowledge, you may be called to teach others about the two witnesses.

God has revealed himself in the Bible, a book the evil one does not want you to understand.  This report will give you a scriptural foundation for what God has done, and how He has cared for His people.  The report itself is scriptural and not particularly controversial but rather beneficial for facilitating your own relationship with your creator.  If you do not have any major sin in your life, you will be able to understand this material.

Since God never changes, the best understanding of the unfulfilled prophecies will come from understanding the past and the present within the context of the Bible.  This report provides the necessary information to help you to discern events and realize the degree to which deception operates.


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